Dan Bradbury

Oregon Duck Software Engineer / Breaker of things / Player of Games



A simple app for League of Legends players to check on an important stat that is not always emphasized on the scoreboard. The initial build was completed over the course of a weekend after playing a frustrating set of games with a few friends that refused to buy wards. The point of the site is to show off the fact that you are a good teammate and buy wards on a regular basis.

Behind the scenes the app is just a simple Sinatra app hooked up to a MongoDB instance. The initial design led to the need to create a wrapper for the Riot Developer APIs; with that league_api was born. I plan to maintain the site along with the gem in order to maintain some sort of battle testing for future versions of the gem. If you have any feature requests you can contact me and I’ll add it to the queue.

If you want to check out your own warding averages go on over to dotheyward.com


Vim plugin written to make it possible to highlight sections of code to help visualize complex code paths.

From the github README:

vim-poi (points of interest), makes it easy to highlight an important line or block of code (ideal for pair programming / visualizing complex code paths). Highlights are unique to the buffer and can be snapped to anywhere in the session using the :PoiPreview quickfix window