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Vim Tricks – Googling with keywordprg

Most vim users are familiar with the man page lookup; K under the cursor or on visual selection. For anyone who needs a quick refrersher lets take a look at the help docs (help :K) *K* K Run a program … Continue reading

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Different browsers are the worst

While working on a personal project I ran into an issue with a bootstrap navbar collapse. In my local testing everything went fine and I decided to push and hoped everything would behave properly.. I grab my iPhone 5 and … Continue reading

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Into the Abyss with Turbolinks

Previous attempts to adopt turbolinks during upgrades or new projects led me to the conclusion that I have a burning hatred for everything the project stands for (rage hatred is the worst kind..). From conversations with other Rails folks + … Continue reading

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Development Turntable

And the turntable keeps on turnin’ and turnin’ Nothing can fuck with the way it goes around – Slug Human nature tells us that there is a natural desire to make sense of the uncertain and create some semblance of … Continue reading

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