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Reverse Engineering ‘Product Catalog’

Recently I’ve been looking at an application that has some data that I’d like to scrape and use/format for my own selfish desires. The application we are targeting is on iOS + Android so I went through the usual flow … Continue reading

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Ixalan Draft #1

Black/Blue/White Deck Didnt realize I messed up mana until I got home.. would have preferred a 664 7 Swamp 6 Island 3 Plains Ixalans Binding Slash of Talons Cancel Spell Pierce 3 One With the Wind 2 Run Aground 2 … Continue reading

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Connecting to Shitty Wifi on Amtrak

I wrote this post a few months ago when I was stuck on a train and figured I’d publish it before it gets lost forever. Today I bring you the pain in the ass process I went through to get … Continue reading

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Turbolinks: Leaving the Abyss

Just trying to do things like <a href=”#” onclick=”alert(1)”>ZZZ</a> Expected behavior here?.. Scroll to top of the page right? Not if turbolinks is doing its thang. From my previous write-ups on Turbolinks (1 2) I was pretty understanding about the … Continue reading

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