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Connecting to Shitty Wifi on Amtrak

I wrote this post a few months ago when I was stuck on a train and figured I’d publish it before it gets lost forever. Today I bring you the pain in the ass process I went through to get … Continue reading

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Turbolinks: Leaving the Abyss

Just trying to do things like <a href=”#” onclick=”alert(1)”>ZZZ</a> Expected behavior here?.. Scroll to top of the page right? Not if turbolinks is doing its thang. From my previous write-ups on Turbolinks (1 2) I was pretty understanding about the … Continue reading

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Horse’s Hoofs: Sagely Errors

Associated reading: Zhuangzi – Horse’s hoofs TLDRBWPIKWG; The natural order is pretty chill but some “sagely dudes” threw a wrench in that real quick ## 1: Blindly Following “sagely” advice Horses can with their hoofs tread on the hoarfrost and … Continue reading

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Intercepting iOS Network Traffic on Mac

For the most part you are probably fine just using a solution like mitmproxy (shown here) and sniffing HTTP/S traffic but sometimes there’s a need to go deeper.. When testing an application you may notice something like an in-game chat … Continue reading

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Trying to make sense of PG&E’s Marketing Campaigns

We are getting close to baseball season and since I try to catch the majority of games that means I get to watch a ton more local advertising! yay ads! Last season I was lucky enough to return to Norcal … Continue reading

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Mediocrity in Movies (part 1)

I’ve been trying to make sense of the wave of mediocore movies, games, and music that has been dumped on us lately. This will be part 1 of a series of rants dedicated to mediocrity. The Question Why the hell … Continue reading

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Exploiting P2P Game Hosting in Dead by Daylight

Any gamer will tell you dedicated servers are prefered to someone being selected as the host and having an unfair advantage with much better latency. P2P online gaming is just awful for anyone who wants a true competetive environment; clients … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Noise in the Programming community

Growing up on the internet I’ve always been aware of trolling and general BM that are associated with competetive gaming and message boards. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing similar behavior in more and more projects & programming community sites. It seems … Continue reading

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Turbolinks and Anchors

So far my journey with turbolinks hasn’t been too bad; I write my slop and things work as I’d expect them to. I knew this streak of good luck was bound to come to an end at some point and … Continue reading

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Vim Tricks – Googling with keywordprg

Most vim users are familiar with the man page lookup; K under the cursor or on visual selection. For anyone who needs a quick refrersher lets take a look at the help docs (help :K) *K* K Run a program … Continue reading

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