Daniel Bradbury

December 04, 2016

Unnecessary Noise in the Programming community

Growing up on the internet I've always been aware of trolling and general BM that are associated with competetive gaming and message boards. Unfortunately I've been noticing similar behavior in more and more projects & programming community sites. It seems too common to run into a SO post with a comment section like this

The example code is a bit tricky to digest on first pass + is written in bad vimL (see his answer + my correction if interested). Even if the question was dumb and pointless there is no reason to be a dick for no reason. It just creates unnecessary noise that does nothing but deter from the goal at hand. We should look to previous failures like rubyspec and try not to bring whatever shit is going on in our lives into the project. If you really need to blow off steam none of us mind if you go play some Overwatch and chill out a little bit before working on the next issue.

For those of you who didnt follow along at home with the drama around rubyspec here are a few links + a running repo of github drama links - HN on MRI and RubySpec issues - Some #rubinius BM - github-drama

Rule 97: Don't be a dick